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11 CopyBot Posts on Web Writing You Don’t Want to Miss

The Unbreakable Law of the Web

The law of the web says that people blaze through the web like it were an autobahn. And they blaze on the autobahn to do one thing…

How to Write Blog Posts Google Loves (an Idiot-Proof Guide)

If you’re a good web writer, then February 24, 2011 was your day. Bad web writer? Not so much. How Panda update and good web writing can help you rank higher.

Could This Be One of the Oldest Web Copywriting Tricks in the Books?

The inverted pyramid is an age-old journalistic trick. And the web copywriter’s best friend. Here’s why.

Gimpy Website? 5 Techniques for Creating a Killer One

“Empty Your Home Page” and four other proven techniques will help you ditch your hobbling website/blog for one that kicks butt.

How to Write an Original Post [That Will Likely Be Copied]

In a world where blogs and blog posts proliferate, it’s hard to be original. But not impossible. As long as you use these six techniques. Lady Gaga does.

Julian Assange’s Top 6 Tips on Becoming a Blogging Celebrity

What lessons can Julian Assange’s whistle-blowing mandate teach you about becoming a blogger who attracts a loyal following–on like an international scale? A lot.

I Am the Bastard Son of David Ogilvy and Jakob Nielson

Let me mess with your head for a moment. Pretend David Ogilvy is still alive, still drinks scotch and is still feisty as all get out. He’s at a bar. Enter Jakob Nielson. With a baby. Their baby. And the baby’s name is Demian Farnworth.

Pop Quiz: What Makes a Great Web Writer?

The following 14-point check list is not only an exhaustive list but also a quick-and-dirty guide to what it takes to write well for the web. Are you up to snuff?

Successfully Branding a Blog with Cornerstone Content

Do you seek to add value to clients in profitable ways that makes you stand out in the crowd? Then learn about branding blogs with cornerstone content.

5 Reasons Why You Should Use the 5 W’s When Writing Online Photo Captions

Originally used as a method of Bible study in the late 1880s, journalists eventually adopted the 5 W’s method to write newspaper leads. Find out why it’s important to use it for online photos.

5 Usability Books Every Web Writer Must Read

Web usability doesn’t get a lot of work in the web writing circuit. Too bad because learning about it can help you craft copy that will get attention–and keep it.

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