Plowing through the Blogosphere Like the Reagans on a Riding Lawnmower

Regan Tractor

We taught them everything we know. My wife and I. How to properly ride a lawn mower, smile and wear powder blue denim.

The only thing we didn’t teach them is how to blog.

But that’s beside the point. The reason behind this post is to explain what I’ve been up to and what I will do next…with the blog.

This Is What I’ve Been Up To [As Promised]

What I’ve been up to is chronic ten or twelve hour days. Like good ten or twelve hour days.

I’ve written some posts for Crazy Egg like The 10 Most Unique Blogs in 2011.

I’ve helped Wayne Mullins out over at Ugly Mug Marketing with possibly one of the coolest projects.

I even knocked out some content for Mens with Pens.

And then some.

Unfortunately, I’ve put the blog on the back burner. But that’s about to change.

These Graphs Sort of Did Me In

One of my jobs recently has brought me into a lot of research about blogging and traffic. These three from HubSpot [via Social Media Examiner] in particular did me in.

This first chart demonstrates the upward tick of traffic that comes with blogging frequency. In other words, blog a lot and you’ll get a lot of traffic.  From my experience I can say I’m at the lower end of that traffic index.

Blog_Frequency_and_TrafficThe second set of numbers relates to leads and blogging frequency. Again, the more you blog the more leads you get. [Me: fail.]

Blog_Frequency_and_LeadsFinally, the more you blog the more customers you get. Simple enough.

Blog_Frequency_and_Customer_AcquisitionBut look at that last number. Eighty-nine percent of blog users who got a client from their blog posted several times a day. For a single blogger, that’s a lot of content to pump out…

My question is how good is their content? And does it really matter?

Sure, I think it matters. How much, though? I’m interested in finding out.

My Little Experiment I’m about to Tell You About

So, I want to try a little experiment. I want to blog a lot. Like once a day, five days a week. Maybe even sometimes two times a day.

Of course, I can’t promise hefty tutorials like my Write Better Headlines with This 6-Step Google Reader Experiment or How to Cope with Co-Workers Who Hate to Be Touched.

Perhaps more in line with The Unique Relationship Between SEO and Email.

But I want to see what kind of impact it has on my traffic. My theory is it will be good.

So. Get prepared. I’m about to mow through the blogosphere like the Reagans on a riding lawnmower. With a smile. ;)

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  1. says

    Hey Demian,

    Some good figures there and would agree that it is quality content and building your brand that gets the customer …..

    Again as with Marketing it could also be a numbers game as the more content you have that would be what the reader wants and needs will also snag the custom and continue the relationship ….

    Oh, loved the Reagens Photo lol !!