How I Can Make You Read Every Single Line of This Article

You’ve been on my mind a lot lately.

When I’m out cutting the lawn. Or running on the shoulder of the country road near my house. Or when I look at my daughter and the long strand of pink hair weaved into her hair.

She’s crying because of a cut on her finger–and doesn’t think it will ever heal.

She sulks off to her bedroom.

How often do we find yourself in that position? Hurt, alone and afraid it will never end.

There you are. Staring at the ceiling, the drone of the ceiling fan luring you away to the land of worst case scenarios while you hold your throbbing finger in the air.

What will you do next?

I don’t know, but it seems I can’t quite get you out of my head.

I can’t get back to work because I’m thinking about you. What is it you want? Really need? What could I say to make all your problems go away? To help you feel better. Sleep at night. To make you smile. Love your home/work.

You sulk back into my office and sit on the floor. Your hair is hanging in front of your face. You are still crying.

“Watch this,” I say. It’s a video of the first ever triple back flip on a BMX bike.

You’re amazed. You say, “Thanks dad. Thanks for helping me not think about my finger any more.”

You walk out. Better than you were when you walked into this room.

I wonder “What did I just do? And how can I turn this into a blog post that will solve a problem you have? A blog post you will read to the very last line.”

I’ll do it like this.

You. Short. Distraction. Challenge. Solve the problem. Share something that stands out. That’s irregular. Quirky. And entertains. Stories. Dialogue. Rhythm.

Those are a few of the elements I used to get you to the very last word of this post…the very last word being “you,” because naturally this post–and all successful posts–are all about you and only you.

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  1. says

    it worked on me!

    among the many great techniques your piece models is what sean d’souza calls disconnectors. your post is such a great example of how to use this element masterfully. thanks!