Must Read

In which you see how my heart and mind fit into this blog. 

Wanna know where the best posts are on The Copybot? The most popular? The essential web writing advice–and then some?

Then you’ve come to the right place.

That means if you read only these posts and never return…you’ll pretty much know me inside and out.

But I’d prefer you didn’t walk away. In fact, I prefer you stayed. Even subscribed.

So here’s the deal: Read the following posts and, at minimum, tell me if I should add more to this list. Okay?

Introducing the Education of a Writer–Well, Maybe

9 Classic Must-Read Direct Response Copywriting Books

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Web Writing: An Essential 11-Part Guide

A Quick and Dirty Guide to Killing Your Life-Long Dream

Copywriting Formulas Every Writer Should Know (and Why)

Secrets the Cubicle Bound Can’t Tell You

How to Put a Bullet Through the Head of Job-Loss Anxiety

How to Write a Blog Post Famous Magazines Would Love to Publish

A Slightly-Irreverent Guide to Writing Less

Here’s a Little Bit of That Glory a Blog Can Get You Big Media Can’t

Is This the Secret to Going from a Good Writer to a Great One?

What did you think? Thumbs up or thumbs down? Can you recommend any others that you think are must reads? If so, let me know by email.

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