6 Ways to Becoming a Hardcore Reader

“My concern is not to make people read, but to make them think.” –Montesquieu

Books are dead.

Sure. Whatever. Especially if what we mean by that is the physical object–the paper, the cover, the spine. Because one thing is for sure: reading is not dead.

Kill off the printed book and we’ll figure out a way to read.

Be it books or magazines. Catalogs or blogs.

You can’t get away from it. Reading is essential as long as their is a written language. And it’s my conviction that a steady diet of books is the best way to [among other things]:

  • Become an intellectual.

But are you a mediocre reader or just someone who gets by? Do you know the tricks to reading more books in a year or just two hours? Do you know how to not just read, but comprehend a book?

I’m telling you–whether you are a budding writer or a home school mom–learning how to read so you read faster, better and longer will make you a walking encyclopaedia people turn to when they want information, a sublime conversationalist at any cocktail party or a ferocious writer.

If any those options interest you, read on, because below is a list of six articles that will make you a better reader.

How to Absorb a Book into Your Bloodstream

I want to convince you of one of the most important rules when it comes to reading. I want to show you why absorbing a book into your bloodstream is a good thing.

How to Read a 291-Page Book in 2 Hours

If you’re like me, you like to read. And you like to read a lot. Some people might call you obsessed. But it can be frustrating. Demands. Lack of time. Big books. If that’s you, you’re not alone. Use this chapter pacing technique to conquer more books in less time.

9 Reasons Why You Should Read More Old Books

Ever get anxious and marginally depressed when you see all the new books published each year? Yeah, me too. How in the world can I read all of these books? You don’t. You do this instead.

A Mildly Unorthodox Method to Developing a Wicked Vocabulary

You can spot a mediocre writer from miles away. Flat verbs. Obtuse nouns. Lame metaphors. Absence of stories. I should know. I used to be one.

How to Read 100 Books in One Year

One hundred books in one year is a lot of books to read. Why would anyone want to do that? Here’s why.

How to Abandon a Book

Are you brave enough to quit a book when it’s stopped giving you what you want? When it failed to meet expectations? If not, try this time-saving, reading tip.

Your Turn

Got any great reading advice you’d like to share? Want to tell me what’s on your bookshelf? Got a great recommendation? Do you think I’m nuts and wish to slap me? Let me know in the comments.

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