This One Trick Beefs Up Your Bio Instantly

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This trick works for just about any bio, really — LinkedIn, Twitter, your resume, your blog About page or a conference speaking bio. And it boils down to adding credible endorsements (recognizable names and brands).

Nike. Google. Stephen King. Adobe. New York Times. Mashable.

Of course you have to be honest. But even if you got a pat on the back from Sergy Brin or got a scant mention in NY Times — stick it in your bio. Those brand mentions will separate you from the pack.

Think about how you feel when you are looking at the blurbs on the cover jacket of a book you want to buy (some of us still do that, you know). A few high-powered names changes the value of that book drastically. Unfamiliar names, on the other hand, and the value drops.

This works on a regional level, too. Add names and brands that people in your community will recognize and respect and you immediately enhance your bio.

Scott Berkun argues that impressive people have a short bio. Here’s the example he shares:

The thing is impressive people have short bios because they have the credentials. If Professor Smith hadn’t won the Nobel Prize, invented air, or landed a sweet position at an even sweeter university his short bio would’ve been vapid at best.

You don’t need a stellar history, however. You just need some connection to notable brands. And if you don’t have them then work towards getting them. What other tricks do you use to beef up a bio?

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    If you don’t have impressive contacts, join a professional organization. Then you can at least make mention of that in your bio, and you may just meet an impressive contact!

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