A New Direction for “The Education of a Writer” Series

As of late, I’ve been giving a lot of thought of where I want to take The Education of a Writer (TEW) series. Here’s the deal …

I’ve lost touch with the story. The arc. How it should end.

I don’t want this to be an episodic, bumpy read. I want it to be seamless from start to finish … especially since I’ve taken you through a decade of my professional life in a short period of time. In other words, I’m not sure how to tie the first post (The Year of Falling Apart) with the last (yet unknown), and I need to figure that out before I go on.

The last post should’ve arrived several weeks ago according to my original plan. But we all know what can happen when plans hit the pavement … like I keep on thinking of more things to share, and still … gaps remain.

Stories that I’ve written in the past should be included in the full story. Stories like:

The Best Thing You Could Do Right Now to Succeed as an Entrepreneur

Writing Advice from a Rock Climber, Monk, and Bonehead — Really? 

How to Outsmart Obsolescence

A Quick and Dirty Guide to Killing Your Life-Long Dream

How to Cope with Co-Workers Who Hate to Be Touched

The Creative Freelancer’s Guide to Melancholy

Yet I don’t want to force them to fit.

So here’s my next move. I’m going to gather all of the TEW posts, put them in a Word document, and bind and shape them into an integrated book. Hopefully dealing with it as a whole will allow me to see my way to the end. I want to close as well as I opened.

That means no more TEW posts until I discover the end. Then I’ll start sharing the new posts. Possibly.

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    I miss you, Demian. Still lurking out here as I work many hours per day/week helping authors all over the world get their books published. Still thinking about how inspiring your story is to others. Don’t leave us hanging. Whatever and whenever you choose will be just right.

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