The Perfect Illustration for Anyone Who Wants to Write Great Copy


A good story begins with a character in conflict, amplifies that conflict so life is miserable, and then ends with a resolution …

Even if that means a happy ending in an opera where every character is knifed to death.*

Good copywriting also begins with a character in conflict …

As a copywriter you amplify that conflict so life is unbearable, and then end the story with a resolution (think subscribe to an email newsletter, listen to a podcast, or purchase a physical product).

Look at the copy forumula PAS for an example of what I mean.

PAS stands for Problem-Agitate-Solve. You start with a meaningful ProblemAgitate it so it is unbearable … and then trot out the Solution.

Who is the main character in your copywriting story? Your customer, the reader.

And of course they should see themselves in this drama.

Fortunately, in this drama, nobody is knifed to death, and, on average, everyone lives happily ever after. Depending on how well you write, of course.

Which reminds me …

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*Those are my daughter’s words.



  1. says

    Whenever I think of the PAS formula, your face comes to mind. Thanks for drilling it into me oh so long ago.

    Your daughter is funny, btw.

    Hey, I just had this idea…you should get a few copywriter tattoos. You could have PAS on your right bicep.

  2. says

    Nice article, Demian. I like the point about agitating the reader’s problem before you reveal the solution. I know I’ve made the mistake of skipping that step in the past. Agitating the problem is huge, especially for those nagging, somewhat frustrating problems that take a little nudge to convince people they should fix them right away.



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