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Let’s make this as straightforward as possible: I began working with Demian four months ago. Since then I’ve had the amazing privilege of writing for Copyblogger, MarketingProfs, and (gasp) Fast Company. On top of that, I just signed my first $100+/hour client for a three-month gig. Total contract? Just under $20,000.

“Demian is ruthless, focused, and (shockingly) gracious. He majors on the majors: crafting killer headlines, stories, and CTAs. His feedback is insightful and always practical. Above all, he took a genuine interest in me and my success. I seriously cannot say enough good things about this amazing dude.” Aaron Orendorff

If you want to graduate from the minor to the major leagues … to dominate your domain with an authorial voice that people listen to … and go from a good writer to a great writer …

Then contact me today and I can help you go from being a good writer to a great one.

I can help you write something that is worth reading. I can help you so people pay attention to what you say. I can help you write so people share what you say.

I can help you find out who you are as a writer. Help you dig into that lost creativity. And yes, I can give you homework.

I can give you a writing prompt, then heavily critique what you write. Within that critique I will teach you everything I know about writing.

I will bear all my experience on each critique. The way to look at a subject, how to prepare for that subject, formulas to get the most out of the headline and body copy. Within five assignments you will be a better writer. If you do your homework.

You can go at your own pace, too. An assignment a week, once a month. Your choice.

There’s a hitch: you need to have a solid grasp of the mechanics of writing. I’m not a proofreader nor a grammarian. We’ll be wasting each other’s time if that’s the case. So I’ll need to see something you’ve written (at least 300 words) before we move on. This can be anything you’ve already written.

This will be an investment in your future as a writer to be reckoned with.

Email me.