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Hi. My name is Demian Farnworth. I’m chief copywriter for Copyblogger Media. My main gig is writing clear, concise and compelling web copy that demands attention, creates desire and compels action.

You see, content on the web faces two almost insurmountable problems: obscurity and neglect.

When I say obscurity, I mean web content is buried beneath billions of web pages. By neglect, I mean if someone actually finds your page, they’ll more than likely ignore it or abandon it.

So, to overcome those two problems, I write web content that search engines can easily find and people can’t resist.

Think bastard son of David Ogilvy and Jakob Neilson.

In the last ten years I’ve been:

  • Content contributor for Copyblogger, Raven Tools, Crazy Egg and Men with Pens.
  • Blogger for  nationally recognized child injury lawyer Jeffery Killino.
  • Web writer for orthopaedic surgeon Richard Lehman who pioneered procedures for ACL reconstruction and platelet rich plasma therapies.
  • Senior Web Writer for an international humanitarian aid organization.
  • Managing Editor for a magazine with over 460,000 subscribers.
  • Award-winning blogger for a real estate marketing company.

Some of My Clients Include

This Is What Some People Think about Me

“You write a little like something between John Carlton and Dan Kennedy.” — James Chartrand

“Let’s make this as straightforward as possible: I began working with Demian four months ago. Since then I’ve had the amazing privilege of writing for Copyblogger, MarketingProfs, and (gasp) Fast Company. On top of that, I just signed my first $100+/hour client for a three-month gig. Total contract? Just under $20,000.

“Demian is rootless, focused, and (shockingly) gracious. He majors on the majors: crafting killer headlines, stories, and CTAs. His feedback is insightful and always practical. Above all, he took a genuine interest in me and my success. I seriously cannot say enough good things about this amazing dude.” Aaron Orendorff

“Dude, you are the hippest ink slinger this side of broadband. A cowboy with a keyboard. A rustler of awesomeness singing Via Con Dios for bad lyricists everywhere.” — Tania Dakka

“Yes I was able to view the comments. When I read them, they gave me a feeling of receiving Gold Nuggets.” — Mohammed Ali Vakil

“He’s really great at knowing people’s strengths. He also takes time to figure out the best way to communicate to you, because it’s not the same with everyone. He’ll do whatever it takes to draw out the best writer in you, because we don’t all write the same.” — Kaci Campbell

“I’m on my way to becoming a pit bull on paper and I’m grateful to Demian for helping me grow.” — Anne Williams

There’s Something You Should Know about Me

I’m not your likely candidate to dish out copywriting, marketing, SEO or usability advice. Unless being a recovering poet is part of that requirement.

See, years ago, with my Literature BA just minted, my boots crisp and clean and my teeth set against all things business, I set out in life to be a poet.

A bootstrap poet.

However, I quickly discovered this wasn’t a good idea when you have a wife and children to feed. Or clothe. Or house. Thus, with a substantial struggle, I postponed that ambition and got a job as a copywriter in a direct marketing firm.

Why You Should Listen to Me

That last point is significant.

Cutting my writing teeth in the direct marketing business did a number on me. It cured me of ever wanting to write poetry again.

How? I learned that ROI is everything. I learned ROI demanded plain and persuasive copy. Frequent and vigorous testing. And a hard-nosed attitude towards results. No ifs, ands or buts. Thus, I was on the road to writing clear, concise and compelling copy for the web.

I’ve also planned, designed, launched and written three other blogs over the last four years and taught web writing and blogging workshops to real estate agents, authors and young bloggers throughout St. Louis.

What I’m trying to say is I’ve got the experience. In fact, take a look at my LinkedIn profile to see my resume and those who recommend me.

Want to know even more about me? Check out the bio for my blog Fallen and Flawed.