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Your Reader Has a List of Demands — And It Looks Like This

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We are all taught to post on a consistent schedule. We’ve also been taught about the benefits (more traffic) frequent posting brings.

But eventually the barrel runs dry … and we, because our posting schedule demands it, publish monstrously ho-hum ideas.

Why? We are afraid of obscurity.

Don’t be.

Don’t allow your content schedule to master you. Instead, master it.

There’s another reason why you should do this. An important reason … your reader has a list of demands. And it looks like this:

  • It must be meaningful.
  • It must be unique.
  • It must be original. In style. In research. In interview. Never duplicate or steal. 
  • It must be free of spelling and grammar mistakes.
  • It must be ruthlessly edited.
  • It must be written for me, the reader, not it, the machine.
  • It must be more than just a humdinger of a headline. It must be a humdinger of a post.
  • It must NOT be mass-produced.
  • It must give trustworthy advice.
  • It must be published on an authoritative site.
  • It must be comprehensive. Not shallow.
  • It must be clear.
  • It must be concise.
  • It must be compelling.
  • It must go beyond the obvious and into the realm of the insightful and interesting.
  • It must be worthy of a bookmark, a social share.
  • It must NOT be overwhelmed by ads or call to actions.
  • It must be useful, factual, entertaining — or all of the above.

Yes, consistency in distribution is important, but it is more important when it comes to what you produce.

Don’t be afraid to sacrifice consistency of distribution for excellence in production. Your reader will thank you.

Besides, meet the demands of your readers, and you’ll meet the demands of Google, too.

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  1. Spot on as usual Demian.

    You say so much with so few words.

  2. Agreed…people would much rather read great content occasionally than ok content daily.

  3. Great advice Demian! The focus should always be on the readers. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Guess this leaves me with little worries about consistency. Just the whack I need to bring me back to sanity. It’s true: consistency in distribution is important, but it is more important when it comes to what you produce.


  1. […] But since when was efficiency a mark of good content? Or that speed was even desirable? What’s the pay off? Most likely a fatigued, alienated audience (so don’t be afraid to break your content schedule). […]

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