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How Far Are You Willing to Go for Just the Right Word?

So I'm in the middle of an article that's filling out at around 1,300 words. I'm about two-thirds of the way done. I still need to close it. However. There is a glaring hole in the middle of it. And I'm searching for the right word. The right … [Read more]

Can We Really Trust These Types of Techniques to Make Us Productive?

Maybe it's a control issue. I do not like the thought of being told to stop writing. I do not like being interrupted. Especially by a machine. And I'm not alone in this. Most creative people will take your head off if you butt in while they are … [Read more]

Literary Snobs, Rejoice! Your Heartlessness Can Make Us Better People

Recent research suggests that reading Faulkner might make you kinder, gentler compared to reading Clancy, Gladwell, or nothing at all. The results make sense. Literary fiction is bent on perceiving reality through the eyes of the characters. … [Read more]

The Misanthrope’s Guide to Writing for the Web

Give it up for Jim Pryor, NYU professor of philosophy, for championing clean, concise, and compelling writing. He does this in on an old-school web page (think early 90s) on "What Does One Do in a Philosophy Paper?" that is spot on. Here's a … [Read more]

Do This to Come Up with New Ideas

Some times I wish I'd not published a certain article on my site (or a guest blog) so I can publish it on Copyblogger. While I'll reach the largest audience there, the wait list is long, meaning I'd be sitting on more ideas than I'm comfortable … [Read more]

Hilarious New Twist to Reading What You Wrote Out Loud

I got this idea from my daughter who was making us utterly crack up this weekend with her imagination. It wasn't so much what she said. It was how she said it. Rather how Ginger said it. Ginger is the name we gave to the voice on Google … [Read more]

How to Get Paid What You Are Worth (Even If You Are Insecure)

It was a delicious hoax. Terry Simmonds created an algorithm to rank your Google+ profile. Much like your Klout score. You dropped in your G+ ID, pressed "Submit," and in less than a second spit out results. Google+ was two years old back then, … [Read more]

What Does It Mean to Give Up?

This morning I was over a friend's house. Just above the sink, taped to a cabinet door, was a note.The note read, "Never give up."I didn't know who wrote the note nor why. Nor did I know if the note was intended for the husband or the wife. Because … [Read more]

This eBay Project Proves Stories Increase an Object’s Value

Take the quasi-anthropological Significant Objects project. It started with the hunch that "stories can add measurable value to near-worthless tchotchkes." Journalist Rob Walker and writer Josh Glenn bought cheap trinkets at thrift stores and … [Read more]

This Metaphor Perfectly Describes How a Serious Writer Revises

Editing a long document is sort of like shoveling snow off a sidewalk while it is still snowing. It begins with a foot of snow (you dump a rough draft on to the blank page). You start to shovel (edit) down the sidewalk (page). You reach the end of … [Read more]