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Pulitzer-Winning Journo’s Creative Trick to Defeating Wobbly, Demented Prose

Speaking is a natural act. Every single human being has the ability to do it. And at a very young age. The reason why says cognitive scientist and linguist Stephen Pinker is because we have a language instinct. We master this instinct as we … [Read more]

How Passive Curation Works

As a writer you should be curating ideas nonstop. That is the essential mindset for exceptional ideas. Your life should be one about observation. Your senses always on. You should be running your hands over the texture of a strange wall. You … [Read more]

The Best Mindset for Great Ideas

Something similar happened to me last year when I was working on a series for Google authorship. I had my dense whiteboard outline finished, but I needed a hook. Some uncommon theme to tie all the articles together. That theme appeared in the … [Read more]

How to Kick Your Weakness for Corporatese to the Curb

A lifestyle of curating ideas is one where you purposefully choose to read books and articles that will fill a commonplace book. Which means you should be reading like a mad man (or woman). Even if it means reading the same thing over and over … [Read more]

You’ll Be Surprised to Learn the Source of Your Best Writing

Ideas also emerge through interaction with the world. Jeff Goins says the discipline of traveling to another country disrupts our comfort, educates us in other cultures, and can help us find new ways to solve old problems. That's curation we can … [Read more]

My Absurd Claim about Writing

Some astronomers and philosophers make the grand, if not absurd, claim that we are ten thousand things, but one substance. Perhaps ancient stardust. I have my own absurd claim: behind one single article by a seasoned writer is the weight of one … [Read more]

The 5 Ingredients of a Great Marketing Story [Infographic]

More than a year ago, Sonia Simone wrote the defining piece on how to create a great marketing story. The article summarizes what we believe at Copyblogger ... and describes what we try to do with each article we write, podcast we record, and so … [Read more]

6 Ways an Empathy Map Can Make Your Headlines Even Sexier

We all have our pet formulas. The go-to sources we love for great headline ideas. For some it's a swipe file full of head-turing advertising headlines. For others it's scanning the headlines of their favorite magazines. Still others work their way … [Read more]

How Far Are You Willing to Go for Just the Right Word?

So I'm in the middle of an article that's filling out at around 1,300 words. I'm about two-thirds of the way done. I still need to close it. However. There is a glaring hole in the middle of it. And I'm searching for the right word. The right … [Read more]

Can We Really Trust These Types of Techniques to Make Us Productive?

Maybe it's a control issue. I do not like the thought of being told to stop writing. I do not like being interrupted. Especially by a machine. And I'm not alone in this. Most creative people will take your head off if you butt in while they are … [Read more]