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Scaffolding: How to Reduce the Despair of Your First Draft

Your idea stretches out to the end of nowhere. One hundred words? One thousand? That's just one decision among many you must make before you write. And just one more decision that adds to your anxiety. Fail to figure this one out and your idea … [Read more]

I Tested a Hemingway Short Story on the Hemingway App. Here’s the Result

On this day, in 1961, Hemingway killed himself. Consider this a tribute of sorts. So there's this new browser app that allows you to write/drop content into a text box and click "Edit" to determine if your writing is "bold and clear." It's called … [Read more]

Internet Memes: A Blunt Guide

Internet memes: a piece of content spreading online from user to user and changing along the way. There are number of things about the web that make me want to stick a fork in my eye. Monster valuations for social apps. The social apps … [Read more]

12 Literary Devices to Give Your Web Writing Irresistible Style

Literature wonks. Writer hacks. Speaker geeks. Rejoice. So I bummed this book off a neighbor who is a fellow homeschooler. It's a book on classic English rhetoric. Or verbal style. She originally pulled it off her shelf to show me because of the … [Read more]

Tricks to Capture Ideas (Without Using Your Hands)

It's funny. How we forget things. Sublime reflections and exalted ideas. Like they were never even there. But if they were so sublime and exalted, why did they not remain with us? And it's funny how we fear losing these ideas. The lengths we will … [Read more]

Blank Page? Pillage the Cutting Room Floor

Johnny Depp, based on his performance in the television crime drama 21 Jump Street, acted in Oliver Stone's anti-war movie Platoon. This included two major dialog scenes with William Defoe. Those sections of the film, however, fell to the cutting … [Read more]

How to Find All Those Good Ideas Lost in Your Head

We hoarde ideas so we don't have to deal with the blank page. And we accumulate, store, and organize those ideas. Some of us are better at this than others. If you are like me, then you are a vacuum. Nothing is sacred. You swallow the world around … [Read more]

Modern-Day Advertising Explained in 4 Drawings

Ever wish you could make sense of all the labels surrounding advertising that are thrown about ... you know ... stuff like product placement, content marketing, native advertising ... It's enough to drive you nuts! So, with that in mind I put … [Read more]

How to Deal with Critics

Publish long enough and you'll eventually run into them: critics. They can haunt your thoughts. Dog you around every comment section you turn. Make your life hell to the point you might even wonder if publishing was even worth it. Here's how to … [Read more]

How You Begin a Sentence Matters, 1946 Study Says

And how you end a sentence, too. What is in the middle, not so much. We know this from some studies that flushed out a couple of effects you are probably familiar with. The first one is primacy, and it refers to our tendency to remember items … [Read more]