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The Dream of Productivity Dies Here

The dream of speed -- that is, productivity -- that is, of getting more things done in a day -- is at conflict with great writing. It is at conflict with creativity. The express purpose is not to be prolific, although that is not a bad thing. … [Read more]

Should You Even Try to Write Faster?

It took me six hours in six days to write this post. It's less than 430 words. That's about 1.2 words per minute. Is there something wrong with me? And that's not counting the time I spent thinking about this article. As of late it's … [Read more]

The Perfect Illustration for Anyone Who Wants to Write Great Copy

A good story begins with a character in conflict, amplifies that conflict so life is miserable, and then ends with a resolution ... Even if that means a happy ending in an opera where every character is knifed to death.* Good copywriting also … [Read more]

My Failed Month on Medium

Funny story: not long ago our CFO at Copyblogger went rogue on us. He published a post on our private company Google+ community telling us how much he loved Medium. Within minutes we were roasting him. His crime? Digital sharecropping. Sean is … [Read more]

You Might Not Be the Kind of Person Who Can Use This Copywriting Trick

No one likes to be on the wrong side of the velvet rope. NO ONE likes to be excluded. In fact, we all dream of being on the other side … the exclusive side. We all want to stand out as special, significant and superior in some way. We want … [Read more]

Writing Seductive Offers: Everything You Need to Know in 7 Steps

Ever wonder what it is about those offers that you simply can’t refuse? Whether it’s a Groupon email offering a weekend of horse backing for mere change or the restaurant promoting Tuesday as the night children eat free … these offers have a lot … [Read more]

A Quick + Dirty Guide to Evaluating Copy

Whether you write ad copy yourself or hire copywriters to do it for you ... you need to know how to evaluate great copy. Here's a fast way to do that. … [Read more]

What Exactly Is the Plight of the Average Blogger?

Mike Elgan is an established writer. He's been a technology jounralist for over 25 years, even started his own magazine ... and now is a paid opinion columnist. On any given day you might find Mike blogging from Eastern Europe or Southern Africa. I … [Read more]

Forget Plus Ones: Just Write Freakishly Good Content

Just like you, I get sucked into this mess. Bewitched by the idea somebody's cracked the ranking code -- looked beneath the search engine hood (and survived). The most recent carnival show was Cyrus Shephard's claim that plus ones cause higher … [Read more]

How Average Writers Can Create Highly-Readable Articles

You don't have to be a great writer to turn dull topics into compelling articles. You just have to know what to do. Exhibit A ... Robert Smith (not the lead singer of The Cure) has some serious programming chops. He's also a mathematician, so … [Read more]